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Make the Product Vision part of Scrum

The Product Vision is essential to set a common goal and direction for the Scrum teams and stakeholders. It helps to identify the scope and set priorities during the development. Developing a Product Vision fills the initial Product Backlog and thus focusses on the "fuzzy front end" that is otherwise not considered in Scrum.

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We’ve worked on extensions to Scrum for UX and Leadership.

If a Product Manager (Owner) isn’t very good at managing their product, we need a whole new field of study, course work, and assessments. Even more, we need to replace the person before he/she demoralizes the team and ruins the product/organization.

Just asking them to do one part of their job (Vision) without addressing everything else is inadequate.

So many people, so few really good product managers, product owners.


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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Would be nice to have the Vision explicitly mentioned as guiding for the PO in his/her role as a value maximizer through ordering the backlog & in their interactions. Especially if it could be added to connect to the Sprint Goals. That being said, to leave room I believe it should be a suggested practice, like the 3 Q's are currently. So something along the lines of "To have a clear and distinct vision (or some larger challenging goal) helps a Product Owner in their interactions with Stakeholders and the Development Team."

    So we could have

    Vision/BHAG which is captured as a 'plan' in the Product Backlog
    Sprint Goal which is captured as a 'plan' in the Sprint Backlog

  • Paul Kuijten commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I STRONGLY support this suggestion!
    The Thing that drives product development for a Scrum team is the Product Vision.
    It aligns everyone on the impact that the product could have.
    It's the number one instrument that the Product Owner should have in place.
    Everything on the Product Backlog should further it.
    Stakeholders can be engaged and aligned with it.
    It changes the Product Owner to a real "Owner", instead of a requirements pass-through mechanism.

  • Jean Pierre Berchez commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Maybe it is possible at least to mention the Vision. e.g. that a common shared Vision is a very good instrument to help to focus all involved parties.
    In the latest ScrumGuide you find it just one time "is a step toward a vision or goal" in the section of the increment.

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