1. Responsible or accountable for managing Product Backlog  ·  hold

  2. Remove "Remove Impediments" as a responsibility of the Scrum Master  ·  completed

  3. Using Scrum for data mining/analytics projects  ·  hold

  4. Can you please have a separate section for Scrum Master role and responsibility? Other than facilitating what are other responsibilities.  ·  hold

  5. Align the description of the scrum master role and the description of the retrospective  ·  hold

  6. Scrum Master should promote and support Scrum, not enforce and police it.  ·  declined

  7. Clarify the PO's role in maximizing the work of the Dev Team  ·  completed

  8. describe how line management should support the Scrum implementation  ·  hold

  9. Small clarification regarding to "Product Backlog"  ·  hold

  10. Daily Scrum: misleading sentence  ·  hold

  11. Change "Removing impediments to the Development Team’s progress" to "Helps the team to remove impediments to their progress"  ·  completed

  12. Move "writing PBIs" from PO to Team  ·  hold

  13. Build a RACI (or RASCI) for Scrum - as a snapshot in an appendix of the Scrum Guide?  ·  hold

  14. Change word "priority" to "order"  ·  hold

  15. appoint successors for Ken and Jeff, who should further adapt the Scrum Guide  ·  hold

  16. one-to-one (face-to-face) retrospective meetings  ·  completed

  17. Visitors should be allowed in Daily Scrum  ·  completed

  18. Clarify what the primary function of the Product Owner role is to avoid unintended proxies  ·  hold

  19. clarify/remove "Monitoring Progress Toward a Goal" (page 14 - Scrum Artifacts)  ·  hold

  20. Rewrite the phrase "various projective practices upon trending" to something more understandable  ·  hold

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