1. Responsible or accountable for managing Product Backlog

  2. Remove "Remove Impediments" as a responsibility of the Scrum Master  ·  completed

  3. Using Scrum for data mining/analytics projects

  4. Can you please have a separate section for Scrum Master role and responsibility? Other than facilitating what are other responsibilities.

  5. Align the description of the scrum master role and the description of the retrospective

  6. Scrum Master should promote and support Scrum, not enforce and police it.  ·  declined

  7. Clarify the PO's role in maximizing the work of the Dev Team  ·  completed

  8. describe how line management should support the Scrum implementation

  9. Small clarification regarding to "Product Backlog"

  10. Daily Scrum: misleading sentence

  11. Change "Removing impediments to the Development Team’s progress" to "Helps the team to remove impediments to their progress"  ·  completed

  12. Move "writing PBIs" from PO to Team

  13. Build a RACI (or RASCI) for Scrum - as a snapshot in an appendix of the Scrum Guide?

  14. Change word "priority" to "order"

  15. appoint successors for Ken and Jeff, who should further adapt the Scrum Guide  ·  started

  16. one-to-one (face-to-face) retrospective meetings  ·  completed

  17. Visitors should be allowed in Daily Scrum  ·  completed

  18. Clarify what the primary function of the Product Owner role is to avoid unintended proxies

  19. clarify/remove "Monitoring Progress Toward a Goal" (page 14 - Scrum Artifacts)

  20. Rewrite the phrase "various projective practices upon trending" to something more understandable

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